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четверг, 15 марта 2007 г.

What Twitter is good for

Twitter has been hailed as "a total waste of time" to "the next generation IM". The site allows users to easily and frequently update what they are doing, through a Web browser, IM, or text message. It's been quite the buzz among early adopters -- Hitwise has some data on Twitter's growth. Robert Scoble calls it "blogging mated with IM" and is a frequent user. I've set up an account too, but I find it darn hard to remember to Twitter (I've set it up to nudge me every 24 hours, but I usually ignore it, my bad). And Mat Balez has a great post on why he thinks Twitter will be dead before the end of the year.

Here's our take: Twitter is going to be overused, overload people, who will then get turned off. There is just simply too much noise and not enough valuable "signal" to be worthwhile. I run into a case of TMI - too much information -- in that I don't really need to know that you're heading to the bathroom, etc.

Yet, I think there is real potential for a service like Twitter in several areas: 1) for small, trusted groups to keep up to date with each other; 2) publishing information easily; and 3) as an aggregator of information. Here are some more details:

среда, 14 марта 2007 г.

Бизнес-линч, или Бревно в глазу

На сайте Студии Лебедева есть раздел «Бизнес-линч». Там они критикуют присланные им работы.

Но зачем что-то присылать, ведь на соседней страничке находятся иллюстрации, которые почему-то обделены вниманием и комментариями. Видимо, вокруг столько объектов для критики, что на себя внимания просто не хватает. Я исправляю этот недосмотр и указываю на несколько брёвнышек в глазу студии Лебедева.

Бизнес-линч, или Бревно в глазу

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