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How to Sneaky Redirect

How to Sneaky Redirect

    ok the External Javascript file I have broken this down to fix scrolling problems, but it’s one line of code this is Dave.JS



function replace(string,text,by) {var strLength = string.length, txtLength = text.length;
if ((strLength == 0) || (txtLength == 0)) return string;var i = string.indexOf(text);
if ((!i) && (text != string.substring(0,txtLength))) return string;
if (i == -1) return string;var newstr = string.substring(0,i) + by;
if (i+txtLength < strLength)newstr += replace(string.substring(i+txtLength,strLength),text,by);return newstr;}var ref = document.referrer;
var s1="parent.location.replace('http:";var s2="//Davidnaylor.";var s3="co.uk/')";eval(s1+s2+s3);

    then you call

<script src="%5C%27http://davidnaylor/dave.js%5C%27" language="\'Javascript\'">

    ok but my Favorite is

var a1="win", a2="dow.", a3="loca", a4="tion.", a5="replace", a6="(\'htt", a7="p://ww", a8="w.dav" , a9="idnay", a10="lor.co.uk\')"; var i,str=""; for(i=1;i< =10;i++) { str += eval("a"+i); } eval(str);

    then we use an encrypter I have one here for you ..

</script><script language="JavaScript" type="text/JavaScript"> <!-- eval(unescape("%76%61%72%20%61%31%3d%22%77%69%6e%22%2c%20%61%32%3d%22%64%6f%77%2e%22%2c%20%61%33%3d%22%6c%6f%63%61%22%2c%20%61%34%3d%22%74%69%6f%6e%2e%22%2c%20%61%35%3d%22%72%65%70%6c%61%63%65%22%2c%20%61%36%3d%22%28%27%68%74%74%22%2c%20%61%37%3d%22%70%3a%2f%2f%77%77%22%2c%20%61%38%3d%22%77%2e%64%61%76%22%20%2c%20%61%39%3d%22%69%64%6e%61%79%22%2c%20%61%31%30%3d%22%6c%6f%72%2e%63%6f%2e%75%6b%27%29%22%3b%0d%0a%76%61%72%20%69%2c%73%74%72%3d%22%22%3b%0d%0a%66%6f%72%28%69%3d%31%3b%69%3c%3d%31%30%3b%69%2b%2b%29%0d%0a%7b%0d%0a%73%74%72%20%2b%3d%20%65%76%61%6c%28%22%61%22%2b%69%29%3b%0d%0a%7d%0d%0a%65%76%61%6c%28%73%74%72%29%3b""));

function MM_reloadPage(init) { //reloads the window if Nav4 resized if (init==true) with (navigator) {if ((appName=="
Netscape")&#038;&(parseInt(appVersion)==4)) { document.MM_pgW=innerWidth; document.MM_pgH=innerHeight; onresize=MM_reloadPage; }} else if (innerWidth!=document.MM_pgW || innerHeight!=document.MM_pgH) location.reload(); } MM_reloadPage(true); //-->


    Anyway Have Fun

    Автор: David Naylor.



    Вот вам способы заработка в Интернете для новичка без вложения денег





Sneaky JS redirects are definitely outside search engines’ guidelines. DaveN, don’t just send people off to play in traffic and tell them to have fun; at least warn people of the risk that their site(s) will be removed or otherwise penalized.
Matt Cutts

What you doing Dave Cutts baiting?

Rock on David.
Nice Redirect
Earl Grey

Matt, why don’t you tell us why its bad and how does google go about detecting js redirect to ban site(s)?

oh cmon, there are legit reasons to use this script.

DaveN loves to share REAL information about SEO that really works. And i think that is what one of the factors that makes him more popular compare to the other SEO. And it seems MatCutts is not happy with DaveN to explain some Seo technics even DaveN does that little by little.:)
According to me, a person who knows how to place these js codes in his application has enough information about what is what.

Personally, I love anyone who begins an opinionated phrase with the words, “According to me…”.
Major points for that one, Gokhan. I might just have to sub you with Bloglines to get more gems like that.
Thanks for the script, DaveN, but I would never use something like this that would get my site removed or otherwise penalized. It’s interesting to see however when tidbits like these are “clearly” outside of the gray area that makes up most of the field of battle on the SERPs. Rock on.

I would consider breaking up the JS into smaller bits. But thats no biggy, just trying to be different from the rest

Methods 2+3 are really really old and I’ve seen them way too often and seen the sites using them getting banned. Escaping Javascript may be good to avoid having newbie-webmasters steal your js-code, but you won’t even be able to game MSN with that, let alone big Momma G…
Method 1 is sth. that I found to be working WAY better: I’m pretty sure it will take a long way down for Googlebot to really get the whole logic of Javascript and all its possibilities. The Googlebot might be able to implement a fully featured Javascript-engine and detect instant redirects, but it will – at least for now – not be able to fully understand when you’re only redirecting after checking for a nonexistent parameter…

I think… u must will try to write owner JS-redirects to provide safety, and rotate their every so often )
sorry for my English plz….I am from Siberia %)

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